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The early harmed children, due to their parent’s psychological abnormity, recruits the cadres of antisocial in the next generation, and their children are exposed to the same risks in different forms. Everyone who have worked in the municipality’s councils know about these especially social arisen dynasties, where generation after generation many people from the same family shows up as child care issues, support cases, cases of alcoholism, antisocialism, criminality, and all other sorts of misery. It should be considered that the possibility through sterilisation to disrupt these chains where these things can happen is in society’s and the individual’s interest.

This applies to all forms of notorious mentally abnormal states. Though it is probably more applicable for the families where a mild form of mental deficiency comes together with the antisocial. Families which the organs of society so obscurely call gypsys.

Obey me and i will be your servant
Free me and i will be your godsend
Enslave me and i will confront them as enemies
Command me and i will make you mad

The farmers which have been dependent on the mills, they’re more… kind so to speak, and available.
Mhm. But aren’t they also more independent?
Yes, more independent. It doesn’t leave the family for several generations.
It’s a special mentality.
That slave emphasis.
It’s in the blood

Its in My blood
Im in your blood
Give me life and i will give you death

A girl, with let’s say an IQ of 58, good at housework but clearly substandard. Maybe she could be discharged from an institution and become a maid in a nice family. However, she is not foreign to the interest for boys which are connected to her sex and age. And the nice family cannot have her under constant supervision. Maybe you should speak with her and say: “My dear Stina, your education here at school is finished, but before you leave us there’s one thing we would like to suggest. We think that you may not have the easiest time to take care of children of your own. We suggest that you undergo a small operation.” If she refuses, the one’s responsible for her must wait with the discharge, and try to persuade her. I think it’s most reasonable that it has to work like that in practice.


from In my blood, released October 28, 2016



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